Hike and Fly

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Some people love the simplicity of flying down a mountain. It is exactly what they dreamed of. Going for a hike with the possibility of taking the magic carpet down tickles many people’s imagination. Without the need for a chase car or perfect thermal conditions, it is a far simpler form of flight than flying XC on thermals. Certain tools are better at certain jobs, but it is almost always better to learn to fly slowly and far away from the ground before learning to fly fast and close to the ground.

Descending a mountain on skis with a wing overhead is one of the most magical feelings ever. Being able to make tracks in impossible places, then fly over a cliff band is truly the stuff of dreams. An article that was published by USHPA about the nuances a beginner to ski launching can be found here.

Hike and Fly training

Being able to efficiently plan and execute a hike and fly adventure takes a special skillset. White Cloud Adventures is happy to help dial in specific skillsets such as side-hill no-wind forward inflations, route planning logistics, and essential checklists to help hike and fly dreams come true at any level.

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