Paragliding Lessons with White Cloud Adventures

Paragliding lessons are offered at the world famous Point of the Mountain, both on the North Side and the South Side. The Deluxe P2 course is designed to not only follow the USHPA syllabus and earn a rating, but develop a pilot in command (PIC) who can move onwards and upwards.

Paragliding lessons for the curious and adventurous

This course is meant for students who want to pursue paragliding lessons in a curious and energetic manner. Minimums for certification will be exceeded and an emphasis put on proficiency. Most students become proficient in approximately 60-70 flights taken place over 14-25+ lessons spread over approximately 3-5 weeks. Weather and personal schedules must line up for lessons to happen. There is no hard limit to number of lessons included in the deluxe lesson package as long as students are pursuing their education in an energetic way.

The White Cloud paragliding school strives to develop pilots who can travel the world and confidently engage with the local pilots in a thoughtful way. There are connections around the US and the world for White Cloud alumni to integrate with.

White Cloud alumni have reported numerous flights all over Utah and the rest of the US and often remark that they were so well prepared to visit other sites and grow as pilots.

Paragliding lessons

What to expect for the P2 Paragliding Course

White Cloud offers a comprehensive learning environment to take a student from having never left the ground to PIC who can confidently leave the nest. The program consists of unlimited lessons to develop a PIC mentality, cover hike-and-fly methodology, earn a USHPA P2 rating, and be ready to meet other pilots around the country to spread their wings.

The process begins with three free introductory lessons to ensure that every student is a good match for the program. This includes the student-instructor relationship, student-flying relationship, and relationships with peers within the course. After the trial period is complete, students are expected to make a one-time tuition payment that covers lessons. The cost of tuition is $2500. Payment does not guarantee a rating, as ratings must be earned.

Student equipment is available and the use of it during the trial period is free. Upon paying tuition, students are expected to also purchase a harness and reserve parachute. Harnesses can be tried on in the simulator. Wings can be demoed in flight before purchase. All gear sales are through Super Fly and a complete kit (wing, harness, reserve) is approximately $6500 but can vary depending on exactly what equipment is purchased. Used equipment is not allowed unless it has been inspected and authorized for use by an appropriate dealer/ service center. There is an additional charge of $2000 if bringing your own equipment.

The tuition payment plus purchase of equipment supports up to 200 flights of coaching, introductory lessons or tandems for close friends and family, and connections to experienced friends and mentors around the world.

Scheduling is as weather allows. Point of the Mountain provides some of the most consistent weather of any paragliding site in North America, and weather typically is flyable in the mornings and evenings. Lessons are held daily (even weekends and holidays), typically in the morning and evening as weather allows.

Annual USHPA dues for membership are $150 and should be paid within 25 days of the first lesson or upon receiving a P2 rating, whichever comes first.

There is incredible variability in paragliding and questions always arise. Feel free to contact with any additional questions. Please contact to schedule lessons and get an idea about who you will be learning to fly with.

Above and Beyond Instruction

Already have a P2 but feel rusty? Simply want some kiting tricks or some tips on the radio about how to fly in traffic? White Cloud can accommodate this. Contact to address specific needs. Individual lessons are $200 per session.

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