Every paraglider setup is slightly different but employs generally the same required steps for pre-flight action. Checking everything in a methodical way before every flight can ensure that all of the correct things are attached. This video covers the fairly universal pneumonic device R1234STARVE originally created by Chris Grantham.

R-Reserve- Is it attached securely and are the pins in?

1- Helmet buckle

2- Carabiners locked and loaded

3- Harness straps, one waist plus two legs

4- Corners of the glider oriented properly

S-Stirrup and Speed System hooked up

T- Turn direction, which way to turn around after inflation

A- Air traffic density

R- Radio turned on and in communication with other people

V- Clean looking V’s on the brake lines

E- Everything Else that might be pertinent to the specific gear or flight

Originally, Chris Grantham had intended for E to stand for Even pressure on both risers for a smooth inflation, however, there is so much more to pre-flight action than that. Chris Grantham can be found here

Production: SkyPhotoCo

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