Paragliding Utah General Information

Utah paragliding sites span the range from some of the best training grounds in the world to very technical and demanding flying. Primarily, Utah is in the high mountain desert which is a challenging environment to fly in. The launches and landings are high altitude and the diurnal  temperature ranges can be quite large. Flying in Utah and the rest of the intermountain west can be quite adventurous, and people are advised to wear plenty of sunscreen and be very well hydrated.

The Wasatch Front is where the majority of the flying occurs. With the valley floor at approximately 4500′ and the summits of the Wasatch over 11,000 feet, there is a huge amount of topographical relief, all of it west facing. Salt Lake Valley and Utah Valley have plenty of parks and fields to land in within gliding distance from many launches, but they are surrounded by suburban sprawl. There is also an abundance of churches that may have suitable landing areas nearby, but it is generally courteous to avoid landing at a church on Sunday while they are busy. With over 2 million people living in Salt Lake and Utah valley, there are plenty of ride-sharing opportunities to get back to a car that was left on launch. Salt Lake City also has an international airport and a National Weather Service office. The forecasting here is top notch, and a soaring report is published daily.

Outside of the suburban sprawl of Salt Lake and Utah County, Utah is a fairly rural place.

Utah Paragliding Weather Information

Click here for a number of resources local pilots gather data from in order to make decisions about their Utah Paragliding flying day . From soaring forecasts to current weather conditions at the surface.

Current Weather conditions at the South Side

Soaring forecast

See much for Utah Paragliding weather  here

Salt Lake City paragliding weather

Utah Paragliding South Side Point of the Mountain

Utah Paragliding offers one of the absolute best training hills in the world. It is located less than 30 miles away from Salt Lake International Airport and has a number of reasons why it is incredible for taking first flights or dialing in specific skill sets.

Utah Paragliding North Side Point of the Mountain

A magical place that can be flown in the evenings allowing for ridge lift and thermal flights to 2000 feet above launch. The launch is a city park for  Utah Paragliding and has numerous places for visiting pilots to stay within walking distance.


A great hike-and-fly site for those wanting to get in a quick bit of exercise and flying before work. Also a great site for pilots hoping to spread their wings and fly a different site.



One of the gems of the Wasatch. A huge and scenic flight with featured terrain over 5600 vertical feet.

About to launch a paraglider from Inspiration Point


A legendary thermal flying site known to be the spot where big XC flights have originated from for decades

Mt. Wire

A downtown hike and fly

The V

A great evening thermal flying site with XC potential

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