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Paraglider Hand Kiting

Kiting a paraglider just by holding onto the risers is great fun. Hand kiting is a great way to inflate a glider and check if all the lines are clear before actually hooking in. One great method to kite a glider is to hold both risers in one hand and use the free hand to [...]

Paragliding Harness Posture

Harness posture while flying a paraglider is important to long-term comfort and enjoyment of flight. There are a few subtle tricks to maximizing comfort. Using a stirrup can help to get seated in the paragliding harness. Crossed ankles, bent knees, and elbows in are clever ways to be relaxed and stable. Keeping eyes on the [...]

Mastering the Turn Around

Turning to face forwards after a reverse inflation can be a flustering time. There are a few tips and tricks to keeping the whole package together, such as keeping tension in the carabiners, eyes on the horizon, and moving the feet forwards. Production: SkyPhotoCo For more information on lessons, click here [...]

Paragliding Preflight Check

Every paraglider setup is slightly different but employs generally the same required steps for pre-flight action. Checking everything in a methodical way before every flight can ensure that all of the correct things are attached. This video covers the fairly universal pneumonic device R1234STARVE originally created by Chris Grantham. R-Reserve- Is it attached securely and [...]


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