Salt Lake City Paragliding Weather Resources

Salt Lake City is host to a world class university, an international airport, 2 million residents, and one of the best National Weather Service forecasting offices in the country. Weather forecasts when flying the Wasatch and surrounding areas are quite accurate and rich with detail. The Salt Lake Valley is also home to many weather recording stations, which can be accessed in real time.

Salt Lake City paragliding weather
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Point forecast for Point of the mountain

This forecast seems to work really well. Usually flying at the South Side is great when the forecast is for 6-8mph from the South. When the forecast is for 8-12 from the NNW, that usually means that the North Side should work in the afternoon.

Current Weather conditions at the South Side

When this weather station is reading about 12mph, conditions are quite soarable at the South Side. In the afternoon when the wind blows from the north, dividing the windspeed reading by 2 seems to give an accurate windspeed for the North Side

Current Weather conditions at the Salt Lake City Airport

When this weather station is reading about 8mph NNW, it is likely that the North Side will be soarable. It is about 20 miles north of the North Side and can give a good idea of what kind of flow is upwind of the flying site.

Upper elevation forecast

When the forecast is for less than 10mph at 12,000 feet MSL, it is probably time to go fly in the mountains.

Soaring forecast

Pioneered by Lisa Verzella, a paraglider and hang glider pilot, this forecast provides a ton of detail about thermal strength and timing as well as upper level wind forecasts.

Current weather map

Current map of all the weather stations in the region and their last reading. Click on a station for more detail when on a desktop. For mobile users, download WindAlert for a great current weather map.