• Advance Bi-Pro 3 Tandem Pilot Harness

    Daily Ease

    The BIPRO 3 tandem pilot harness has many useful features for a simple and safe working day. The harness weighs a mere 2.6 kg and is strongly built. This exceptionally comfortable pilot harness will not only appeal to the daily professional, but will also serve the leisure tandem pilot perfectly.

  • Advance Epsilon 9 (EN B) Paraglider Advance Epsilon 9 (EN B) Paraglider 1

    Custom colors are available for order. Email us for more info!

    EPSILON 9 - The Joy of Flying

    It is nothing special to introduce a flying-mad earthling to paragliding. What is special is to deliver the positive experiences and high feel-good factors of the sport that keep him there for years – long after the license. That’s exactly what our EPSILON series does...

    Feeling good from the pull up

    Latest techniques for good performance

    Straightforward in every respect

    Custom colors are available for order. Email us for more info!

  • ADVANCE PI 3 Paraglider ADVANCE PI 3 Paraglider Red



    PI 3 – Light Versatility

    For years the PI series has offered the best Hike & Fly package in terms of lightness in combination with a lot of performance and a definite fun factor. Originally conceived as a product to fulfill a specific demand, the PI series has become an established feature of our wing selection. The “Light Versatility” motto will carry even higher significance in this third generation: there are two additional 21 and 25 sizes for the PI 3, and it is even lighter and more compact.
  • Reversable Paragliding Harness 1 Advance Progress 3 Reversible Paragliding Harness
    Practical, comfortable and universal: The PROGRESS 3 reversible harness provides great versatility in a compact form. Whether for travel, training, thermaling, short hike and flys or freestyle maneuvers the allrounder in sizes S, M and L makes sure its pilots are always best equipped for all their adventures.
  • Light, lighter, SQR Light

    From 973 gm! SQR Light, weighing from 973 grams, the lightest reserve in the world, comes on to the market in autumn – in 100 or 120 kg sizes. This new light reserve completes the successful SQUARE ROUND family of reserve parachutes from COMPANION. It’s not just the sensational weight, but the small pack volume as well that has decided X-Alps title defender Chrigel Maurer and successful X-Alps and world class pilots Sebastian Huber, Aaron Durogati and Toma Coconea to take the SQR Light along with them this year.
  • Advance Strapless 2 Paraglider Harness GIN Verso Paraglider Harness 3 8
    The STRAPLESS 2 weighs a mere 195 grams and is designed for the hiker and mountaineer who does not compromise on weight and volume. STRAPLESS 2 now has lightweight shoulder straps so that it sits in the right place before takeoff without the aid of a rucksack. The purist’s STRAPLESS 2 is certified for a takeoff weight of 110 kg.
  • Advance Success 4 Paragliding Harness 8 Advance Success 4 Paragliding Harness

    Safety & Comfort First

    The SUCCESS 4 is more than just a new addition to the popular SUCCESS family: its outstanding level of safety - far exceeding the general protector certification criteria – makes it something special. Its perfect seating geometry and a stylishly clean silhouette recommends this modern sports harness to those leisure and cross country pilots who value comfort combined with low aerodynamic drag.

  • Advance Epsilon 9 (EN B) Paraglider Advance Epsilon 9 (EN B) Paraglider 1

    Custom colors are available for order. Email us for more info!

    Xi – Allround Tourer

    As a light and compact Performance-Intermediate from 3.4 kg the XI satisfies the most diverse pilots’ needs; and does it in style. Whether near or far, difficult flying or exciting adventure. The new light high-end B goes with you for bivouac flying, Hike & XC-fly tours, traveling or discovering new routes in remote regions. XI – realise your story.

  • The perfect vessel to keep drinks hot or cold while in transit to the flight park or beyond. Rugged stainless steel construction with a double-wall vacuum ensure durability and long-lasting insulation. This tumbler is stylish too, with multiple colors and engraved with the White Cloud logo by a super cool mother-daughter team in Salt Lake City. Engraved names are only available for those who have learned to fly with White Cloud.
  • A thin, lightweight, super breathable polyester hoody made for sun protection. It's the perfect shirt for parawaiting in the summer. Made by Flylow, it is ensured to function even better than it looks. Embroidered with the White Cloud logo, so that you can represent your favorite paragliding school. Some size/ color combos are no longer available, so they cannot be selected. Pickup at the flight park is always free!
  • GIN Calypso Paraglider 5 Advance Epsilon 9 (EN B) Paraglider 1

    GIN Calypso



    The Calypso is a light easy intermediate ("low B") wing for beginning and leisure pilots who want a confidence-inspiring wing that is easy to travel and fly with, whilst still offering great XC possibilities.

    The Calypso has been developed from the ground up as a lightweight, easy wing that incorporates all the latest technology from our intermediate and performance wings.

  • Gin Gliders Safari Pilot Paraglider Harness 5 Gin Gliders Safari Pilot Paraglider Harness

    Light yet durable and comfortable

    The Safari Pilot weighs only 2.6kg. It is made of high quality, durable materials such as premium quality webbing and our latest honeycomb fabric. The profile is compact and streamlined, whilst comfort in the air is excellent. There are no pressure points, even on longer flights.

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