Tandem Flights

Tandem paragliding is a great way to experience free flight for the first time. These are only available within a 12 hour notice, and are primarily for those enrolled in the P2 course. If interested in a tandem paraglider flight this evening or tomorrow morning, please get in touch immediately to see if the weather is good enough. These tandem flights are for instructional/ training purposes only. White Cloud does not schedule tandem flights as an activity for a birthday party or other entertainment.

Requirements for tandem paragliding flights

Tandem paragliding is a wonderful activity. If a person wants to try flying and conditions warrant, tandem flying is an option. Co-pilots must wear closed toe shoes, be able to run 100 yards, jump off a picnic table and quickly execute instructions given in English. Bringing a helmet of any kind is advised. If this is not possible and accommodations must be made, White Cloud has a strong partnership with Project Airtime.

Project Airtime tandem flights

White Cloud Adventures is closely allied with Project Airtime, a 501(c) (3) non profit run by Chris Santacroce. After a remarkable recovery from a spinal cord injury, Chris began to think about how he could share the gift of flight with anybody at all. Co-pilots who need any kind of accommodation can fly for free with Project Airtime. Anybody with any kind of spinal cord injury, injury recovery, mental health considerations, or overcoming any kind of adversary are welcome to join us in the skies.

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