Wyoming Paragliding General Information

Most of the Wyoming paragliding happens near Jackson Hole in the Tetons and Gros Ventre ranges. The Jackson Hole Free Flight Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to representing hang glider and paraglider pilots. The folks there are excellent to get in touch with before flying there, and can help a visiting pilot dial in on specific site ethics and local weather phenomena.

Paragliding Weather Information

Click here for a number of resources local pilots gather data from in order to make decisions about their Paragliding Utah flying day . From soaring forecasts to current weather conditions at the surface, it is all here.

Salt Lake City paragliding weather
Jackson Hole Paragliding

Jackson Hole Gondola

Taking a gondola run by Jackson Hole Mountain Resort to launch is pretty great.

Nelson's Butte Paragliding

Nelson’s Butte

Sometimes referred to as “Nelbo’s”, this site offers easy ridge soaring in the evenings along a great ridge.

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